Here are the changes to this year's National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' rules and regulations...
it's not too early to start thinking about your entries. Next year's official deadline is Friday, January 28 at 7pm.

Since entries are often missing information, NATAS wanted to make sure everyone understood how important it was to fill in all the blanks on the entry form:  Entries that are missing any information on the form, have incorrect fees and/or do not follow the guidelines set out in this document will be subject to a $25 reprocessing fee before tapes have been shipped for judging and a $50 fee anytime thereafter; or may be subject to disqualification and/or forfeiture of entry fees. The Academy assumes no responsibility for acts or omissions made by the entrant. would like to thank for great resources as well as their help and support.

Entrants will no longer be allowed to enter the same feature or program in Programming Categories and Individual Crafts:

There are 18 categories in which you may enter. Individuals who submit an entry in Categories 1 through 17 may not submit the same work or any portion of that work for consideration in Category 18 (Individual Crafts).

NATASDC has recognized that news programs can be very different in different day parts,so we are offering news producers new opportunities to be recognized!

Category #8 News Programs

#8A News Programs/Early-Midday (5am to 4:00pm)

8A1 Large Market (ADI 1-19)

8A2 Medium Market (ADI 20-39)

8A3 Small Market (ADI 40+)

#8B News Programs/Evening (4pm to Midnight)

8B1 Large Market (ADI 1-19)

8B2 Medium Market (ADI 20-39)

8B3 Small Market (ADI 40+)

Categories now called Videography/Cinematography will now be called Photography.

They are phasing out 3/4" tape so don't send your best work on that old clunky format!

Entries should be submitted on small mouth betacam tape or vhs. Large mouth betacam tapes will be accepted for entries over hour in length.

No " or DVC Pro entries will be accepted.

Members should have the new, updated Call to Entry in hand before the millenium!